Fresh Prototypes!

bright orange & white prototype

MMM… Fresh Prototypes!

Stove-top dying.

I’m working hard to finalize my hammock designs before the Kickstarter campaign goes live in March.  I’m very happy with the new American-made Silktique parachute nylon I’m working with.  It is silky smooth, super light, and takes dye beautifully.  The new poly tape dyes nicely too.  I’ll be using these prototypes when I make the Kickstarter campaign video in Costa Rica in a few weeks!

 I love these colors!

orange and blue drying

Here’s a look at the specs-

Moonbeam Spec Sheet

New content being added daily!

Check back soon to see the new Moonbeam tags, carabiners, and awesome packable-backpacks!

moonbeam logo black on white

Colorful Places, Colorful People, Colorful Hammocks



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